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True Minutes™ is a Rechargeable prepaid long distance service 
used to call anywhere in the world from your Home, Cellular, or Work Phone - without a PIN!

Unlike other long distance services, True Minutes™ provides you
A call history of every call! detailing the amount of your call and
the amount deducted from your true minute account

Rates are 100% Free of Fees

One minute rounding

No Expiration Date

Place calls from anywhere in the world online.

Create foreign phone numbers for your families to call you on.
This is a local call for your family member.

Create Speed Dial Numbers to provide ease when communicating
with family and friends.

Create True Five numbers to reach family member directly by entering one 866 phone number.

Create your very own US 800 number or local United States area code number

With True Minutes™ you’ll never be cheated out of your minutes again and access to features never before offered to consumers!

Solutions Unlimited is dedicated to providing convenient, affordable, reliable long distance service with no gimmicks or fees. We offer all of our valuable services at no cost to you.

When purchasing any of our prepaid calling card products you are assured the quality and reliability that our customers have grown to trust. Our mission is to educate consumers on how to properly manage and maintain all of their long distance calls with a robust set of features available to you for FREE. These features along with your Prepaid Long Distance Account will allow you to properly manage and budget your monthly
long distance needs.

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